Sunday, February 8, 2009

Info from Winter Jam 2009 East River park NYC

We headed out to the Winter Jam 2009 in Manhattans east river park Same place that the Red bull Snowscrapers was held on Thursday Feb 5th. We spent time shooting video so those who were not there. The day was fun the snow was slow and prevented the riders from performing to there full potential.

Snowboarding School ran into Mayor Mike Bloomberg we posted about that here .

Below are some video highlights from winter Jam 2009 in east river park NYC

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Canyons Resort In Park City Utah Wow!!!

Below is a picture of waist deep snow angels we shoot while at The Canyons Resort in Park City Utah

Greatest snow on earth

A bunch of my family friends and I went to the canyons in Utah. We have been a lot of different places and the snow out in Utah was just out of this world. I will never forget that time when we were snowboarding in waist deep powder. We where there the day before as well.The waist deep powder all fell in that canyon overnight. and this snow was so dry it blew away out of your hands like baby powder. Another thing I noticed is the lack of the wind but I am definitely not complaining and on that week long trip no one else did either and here are a couple snow angels we left behind in Utah.

Best powder on earth

Above is a picture of a high peak at The Canyons in park city Utah.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heliski holiday can offer endless sking or riding

Heliboarding can be a blast when it comes to picking a company maybe not so much. lots of searches endless hours looking them over. Well I know a secret her name is Nina and she owns Heliski Holiday or also known Heli Holiday she is unique in a way can match you with the right company for you group or party Nina Heliski Holiday are well trusted. Below is her pick for Snowboarding School and Stories for February 17-18Th

We will also be hitting up a few mountains on the way up or back we will keep you posted.

We are working with Heliski Holiday to bring you to the action online and offline. Because what good is watching it if you never do it. This February we are headed to review a heliski& board company Robson Helimagic we will also video log our whole trip from a bloggers stand point using the latest online tools to showcase what is out there. We will try to make the videos as intimate as possible by using the flip to get the best stories for this Snowboarding stories blog. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to the days we can chill at the summit of any mountain, and forget all our worries & negative energy that can be brought on by the weight of the world.

We Thank Nina form Heliski Holiday setting this all up for us with Robson HeliMagic we are so excited and invite you all to check out there sites. Plan a trip now even if times are hard book two year's out if need be just book it pay it and enjoy it life is short Live Love Laugh Ride For Life.

Snowboarding Stories want you to contribute on our blog with your videos,stories and more. Just kick us an email and we will return one with a permissions link. We cant wait to here from you at

Also check out Snowboarding School for more info and videos from events and trips

The video below is info on Robson Helimagic helisking and heliboarding enjoy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shawn White smart business man or sellout?

I think that it may be that he is smart lets face it he cant ride forever. the only problem I see is Target it would have been nice to keep in the Board shops. The big picture is that good may come in the form of gaining more kids into the sports that Shawn loves. It Brings the sports or the hope of those sport where it has never been before on the worldstage of Target this means big sales and incresed ridership good news all around. here are other artical on this topic from snowboarding

Here are coments to the post in snowboarding the links is above and the comments are below

(1) Katherine says:
It tells you something about snowboarding culture that this is considered selling out when a basketball player would see it as business as usual. It’s nice to think that not everything is for sale. What a great sport!

July 31, 2008 at 1:57 pm(2) Kallie says:
Shaun White has been blessed with athletic ability to spare, and hair that’s brighter than any celebrity’s this side of Ronald McDonald.

He’s a marketer’s dream, and I think he should cash in while he can. He won’t be able to compete forever. Someday, he’ll just be a name on a Nintendo game…

August 6, 2008 at 10:36 pm(3) Mike D. says:
It’s funny on one side of the page Shaun White is getting blasted and on the other side there ia a link to his merch at Target.It’s hard to tell who the sellouts really are.

This last comment is correct next to this post is an ad for Shawn White and Target.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back Country Snow Boarding In Colorado

This up coming year is going to be Epic we will be doing more Traveling,more Events,videos we are so excited to be working with a group of Pro Snowboarders from Colorado and an Artist who is doing amazing things, to show the world in art what and his art is all about. The riders include Mike Farnum and some of his boys like maybe Teddy Karlinkski and Chad Oliver. The Artist is a good Friend of mine who is a great artist with a kind heart.

So back to the Back country RV trip Ya. About one month ago Mike Farnum pro rider who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Burton Us Open at Stratton Mountain where our Snowboarding School blog held Press credentials. he called me and asked if We would like to travel in an RV for a week riding and shooting film in the back country. It perfect timing i will be attending NY Film Academy. So stay tuned and you can do all this to just work hard and if you like films and videos and want to make them better NY film academy is for you. Check out this other post on Bloggers School about them

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stephen Hayes tells his snowboarding story

Stephen Hayes was on the show and has a great story he told us. To listen to his Story of how he started boarding,landed himself on the Burton snowboarding team,injured himself and then he and his brother mike started Hayes Brother's Boards and later went on to sell the company. Stephen Hayes Snowboarding story on Snowboarding School Radio

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hayes Brothers Snowboards Stephen Hayes on the show tonight

Hi everyone!

Tonight on Snowboarding School Radio we will be interviewing Stephen Hayes, founder of Hayes Brothers Snowboards. this will be a great show! Don't miss it! And if you would like to call in live the number is 1646-595-4055, at 6 PM eastern standard time NY.